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Expert Panel on Agriculture and Nature

Expert Panel Contacts

Nick Hutchings (co-chair with focus on GHG and ammonia emissions)

Department of Agroecology, University of Aarhus

PO Box 50, Research Centre Foulum

8830 Tjele


Tel: +45 89991733


Barbara Amon (co-chair with focus on GHG and ammonia emissions from animal husbandry)

Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering

Department of Technology Assessment and Substance Cycles

Max-Eyth-Allee 100

D-14469 Potsdam, Germany

Tel: +49 151 65117059


Rainer Steinbrecher (co-chair with focus on nature)

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

Institute of Meterology and Climate Research (IMK-IFU)

Kreuzeckbahnstr. 19

82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen


Tel: +49 8821183217


Expert Panel Documents


The current workplan is:

  • Complete new methodologies for fertiliser NH3 emission

  • Discuss crop NH3 emissions, NMVOC emissions, soil NOx emissions with the modelling community 

  • Complete guidance on reporting emissions from anaerobic digestion

  • Continue and intensify the collaboration with TFRN (EPMAN/EPNB)

  • Assess need for methodologies for marine NH3 emissions and indirect NO emissions 

  • Liaise with IPCC revision of agricultural sector

Expert Panel Meetings

Online workshop,  16 Nov 2021


A workshop on ammonia abatement measures and how to reflect their effects in national emission inventories was organised by the EU TAIEX-EIR Peer 2 Peer and the Danish Ministry of Environment. The presentations made at this workshop are available HERE.

2020 Meeting held virtually, 11-14 May 2020

2019 Meeting held in Thessaloniki, Greece 13-14 May 2019

Agenda with presentations



Part 1 Guidebook Update 

  • Emission factors for manure management (3B & 3D)

  • Linking manure management (3B), soil emissions (3D) and anaerobic digestion (5B2)

  • Excel spreadsheet to support manure management 


Part 2 Guidebook and Other matters

Ammonia emission factors for mineral fertilisers (3D) 

Other emissions 

  • Contaminants in pesticides

  • Crop ammonia emissions 

  • Direct and indirect nitric oxide emissions 

News of other activities 

  • Report from TFRN

  • INMS project

  • INI 2020

  • IPCC refinement

Report to plenum

Workplan for 2019/2020

2018 Meeting held in Sofia, Bulgaria 25-27 April 2018

Agenda with presentations


Introduction - Nick

Part 1


Part 2

Report to plenum​

For previous TFEIP Agriculture and Nature EP sessions, click here 

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