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Expert Panel on Waste

Expert Panel Contacts

Céline Gueguen 

77 rue Mouffetard

75005 Paris



Expert Panel Documents

If you wish to volunteer to contribute to the update of the waste chapters of the EMEP/EEA Air Pollutant Inventory Guidebook, please contact Céline at 

Expert Panel Meetings

2023 Meeting held in Oxford, 19th April 2023


13:00 - 15:00    Waste Expert Panel  - Download slides

Update/Improvements on the EMEP/EEA GB (including Q&A)

  • Update of the chapter 5A - Solid waste disposal (Céline Guéguen)

  • Update of the chapter 5C1a - Municipal solid waste incineration (Lucy Garland) - Download

  • Update of the chapter 5C1bi - Industrial waste incineration (Céline Guéguen)

  • Update of the chapter 5C1biii - Medical waste incineration (Elisabeth Kampel) - Download

  • Update of the chapter 5D - Wastewater handling (Céline Guéguen)

  • Update of the chapter 5E - Other waste (Adriana Gomez Sanabria)

Identification of emerging waste treatments to be considered in the Guidebook (discussion/survey)

2022 Meeting held virtually, 10th May 2022


Introduction: A new EP is just born (EP leaders) (Céline Guéguen, Chair) - Download

                                       Emissions from the Waste sector in the national inventories​

                                                         - Which sources are considered?

                                                         - Which contribution to national emissions?

                                                         - What about comparability and completeness?​

IPCC methodology on Short Life Climate Forcers (Richard Claxton, TFEIP) -  Download

                                       Updates to the 2019 EMEP/EEA GB (Céline Guéguen, Chair)

                                                         - List of proposed improvements and prioritise

                                                         - Timeline / human resources needed

Domestic green waste burning in France (Vincent Mazin, France)

                                       Small scale agricultural burning in Italy (Eleonora Di Cristofaro, Italy) Download

                                       Interactive session:

                                                          - Provide us with additional gaps identified in the GB

                                                          - Help us setting priorities

                                                          - Get involved in the GB update!

                                            AOB & close (Céline Guéguen, Chair)

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