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Web-Conference 2022


The 2022 TFEIP meeting was held remotely across four days on the 9th-12th May. Thank you very much to everyone who was able to attend and participated in discussions.

Minutes from the the meeting are now available -  download them here

The meeting was held on Zoom, and had the following agenda. 

A detailed agenda can be downloaded here

All timings are in Central European Summer Time. 

Monday 9th May 10:00-13:00 (CEST): Welcome, Introduction, Gothenburg Protocol and International News 

10:00-10:05                         Grace period to join

10:05-10:15                         Introduction and welcoming participants from our Co-Chairs (TFEIP Co-Chairs) - Download

10:15-10:35                         Update on IPCC SLCF’s and its relevance to reporting under the LRTAP (Kiyoto Tanabe, IPCC)

10:35-10:55                         News update on condensables (Kristina Saarinen/Jeroen Kuenen) - Download

10:55-11:10                         Forum for International Cooperation on Air Pollution (Alison Davies, the UK) - Download

                                            Coffee Break

11:30-12:00                         Update on emission reporting (Sabine Schindlbacher, CEIP) - 

12:00-13:00                         Review of the Gothenburg Protocol and reporting guidelines (TFEIP Chairs/Open discussion) - Download


Monday 9th May 14:00-16:00 (CEST): Projections Expert Panel

14:00-14:10                         Opening remarks (EP Co-Chairs) 

14:10-14:40                         Emission projections for waste management cycle: regional case study (Carlo Trozzi) - Download

14:40-14:55                         Swedish GHG scenarios for road traffic – effect on NOx emissions (Tomas Gustafsson) - Download

                                            Coffee Break

15:05-15:30                         Presentation on proposed revisions to the Annex IV reporting template and discussion (EP Co-Chairs) - Download

15:30-15:45                         AOB and meeting close (EP Co-Chairs)


Tuesday 10th May 09:30-12:30 (CEST): Transport Expert Panel

Timings TBC                     Welcome (EP Co-Chairs)

                                           Developing EU policy and impacts on road vehicles (Georgios Fontaras, EU/JRC) - Download

                                           A tool to inventory airport management emissions (Christian Dana, SITA) - Download

                                           New developments on AEIG transport chapters (Giorgos Mellios, Emisia) - Download

                                           MILE21 Platform for emissions from transport (Nikiforos Zacharof, AUTh)  - Download

                                           2022-2023 workplan (EP Co-Chairs, all) - Download

Tuesday 10th May 13:30-14:00 (CEST): Engaging Users and Spatial Mapping 

13:30-14:00                        Introduction to new ‘Engaging Users and Spatial Mapping’ group within the TFEIP (Jeroen Kuenen, the 

                                           Netherlands/TNO)  - Download

                                           Introduction to FAIRMODE and high-resolution emission activities (Marc Guevera) - Download

Tuesday 10th May 14:00-16:00 (CEST): Waste Expert Panel 

Timings TBC                     Introduction: A new EP is just born (EP leaders) (Céline Guéguen, Chair) - Download

                                           Emissions from the Waste sector in the national inventories​

                                                         - Which sources are considered?

                                                         - Which contribution to national emissions?

                                                         - What about comparability and completeness?​

                                           IPCC methodology on Short Life Climate Forcers (Richard Claxton, TFEIP) -  Download

                                           Updates to the 2019 EMEP/EEA GB (Céline Guéguen, Chair)

                                                         - List of proposed improvements and prioritise

                                                         - Timeline / human resources needed

                                            Domestic green waste burning in France (Vincent Mazin, France)

                                            Small scale agricultural burning in Italy (Eleonora Di Cristofaro, Italy) - Download

                                            Interactive session:

                                                          - Provide us with additional gaps identified in the GB

                                                          - Help us setting priorities

                                                          - Get involved in the GB update!

                                            AOB & close (Céline Guéguen, Chair)

Wednesday 11th May 09:30-12:30 (CEST): Agriculture and Nature Expert Panel

09:30-09:40                         Introduction, agenda and etiquette (EP Co-Chairs) - Download

09:40-09:55                         Results of the ad hoc group on categorizing livestock (Nick Hutchings, EP co-chair) - Download

09:55-10:10                         Proposal for updating the method for NH3 emission from synthetic fertilizers (Andreas/Roland (TBC)) - Download

10:10-10:25                         The ALFAMI project (Sasha/Andreas (TBC)) - Download

10:25-10:35                         NH3 emissions from crop residues (Nick Hutchings, EP co-chair) - Download

                                              Coffee Break

10:50-11:00                         Improving estimates of methane emission from manure management (M4Models) (Søren O Petersen) - Download

11:00-11:10                         Update on progress in MELS, TFRN etc (Barbara Amon, EP co-chair) - Download

11:10-11:25                         Update on the Excel NH3 and NO emission tool (Richard German, Aether) - Download

11:25-11:45                         Update on the JRC emission tool (Manjola Banja, JRC)  - Download

11:45-12:05                         Discussion of software tools (Nick Hutchings, EP co-chair) - Download

12:05-12:15                         Workplan (Barbara Amon, EP co-chair) - Download

12:15-12:20                         Wrap up (EP Co-Chairs) - Download

Wednesday 11th May 14:00-16:00 (CEST): Combustion and Industry Expert Panel

14:00-14:10                         Opening: Introduction by the chair, proposal of a new co-chair and adoption of the agenda (EP Co-Chairs) -

14:10-14:30                         Methodology for estimating atmospheric emissions from residential wood heating considering technology turnover

                                              and real utilization (Alessandro Marongiu, (ARPA Lombardia, Italy)) - Download

14:30-14:50                         Updated and consistent PM emissions with condensables for the small combustion sector (Jeroen Kuenen (TNO,

                                              Netherland) - Download

14:50-15:10                         Experimental study in Italy to evaluate the real emissions of new wood biomass combustion equipment (Ernesto

                                              Taurino (ISPRA, Italy))

15:10-15:30                         Solvent guidelines (Chris Dore (Aether, UK)) - Download

15:30-15:40                         VOC per capita emission factor for domestic use of solvents (Cornelia Tietz (European Chemical Industry Council))                                                    - Download

15:40-15:55                         Work plan 2022-2023, and priorities for future Guidebook updates (EP Co-Chairs)

15:55-16:00                         Any other business and close


Thursday 12th May 10:00-12:30 (CEST): New Science

10:00-10:05                         Grace period to join

10:05-10:25                         Uncertainty as tool to prioritize inventory improvement (Jolien Van Huijstee and Dirk Wever, the Netherlands)

                                              - Download

10:25-10:45                         Space emissions (Kevin Hausmann, Germany)

10:45-11:15                         New evidence on Non-Road Mobile Machinery Emissions supporting UK policy development (Paul Quinn, the                                                            UK) - Download

                                            Coffee Break

11:30-11:50                         EDGAR-HTAPv3 global emissions mosaic (Diego Guizzardi and Terry Keating, TFHTAP)

11:50-12:15                         Understanding emission changes – ongoing EEA studies (Federico Antognazza and Levente Molnar, EEA)-Download

12:15-12:30                         Modelled vs measured NOx trends (Chris Dore, TFEIP) - Download

Thursday 12th May 13:30-15:30 (CEST): Conclusions, Formal Decisions and Close 

13:30-13:40                         Update from the European Commission (Viviane Andre, EC) - Download

13:40-14:30                         Preparing for the review of the Gothenburg Protocol (TFEIP Co-Chairs, Discussion)

14:30-14:45                         Inventory Awards Ceremony (Bernard Ullrich, CEIP)

                                              Coffee Break

15:00-15:30                         Feedback and Close - form ad hoc meeting to review reporting guidelines (TFEIP Co-Chairs, Mentimeter) - Download

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