Web-Conference 2022


The 2022 TFEIP meeting will be held remotely across four days from the 9th-12th May.

The meeting will be likely held on Zoom, and will have the following agenda. 

Registration details have been circulated, however we have had reports that some individuals on our mailing list did not receive this email, as it has ended in their junk email. We are currently investigating this issue with our email platform. If you wish to still attend, please follow this link: registration

A detailed agenda can be downloaded here

All timings are in Central European Summer Time. 

Monday 9th May 10:00-13:00 (CEST): Welcome, Introduction, Gothenburg Protocol and International News 

10:00-10:05                         Grace period to join

10:05-10:15                         Introduction and welcoming participants from our Co-Chairs (TFEIP Co-Chairs)

10:15-10:35                         Update on IPCC SLCF’s and its relevance to reporting under the LRTAP (Kiyoto Tanabe, IPCC)

10:35-10:55                         News update on condensables (Kristina Saarinen/Jeroen Kuenen)

10:55-11:10                         Forum for International Cooperation on Air Pollution (Alison Davies, the UK)

                                            Coffee Break

11:30-12:00                         Update on emission reporting (Sabine Schindlbacher, CEIP)

12:00-13:00                         Review of the Gothenburg Protocol and reporting guidelines (TFEIP Chairs/Open discussion)


Monday 9th May 14:00-16:00 (CEST): Projections Expert Panel

14:00-14:10                         Opening remarks (EP Co-Chairs)

14:10-14:40                         Emission projections for waste management cycle: regional case study (Carlo Trozzi)

14:40-14:55                         Swedish GHG scenarios for road traffic – effect on NOx emissions (Tomas Gustafsson)

                                            Coffee Break

15:05-15:30                         Presentation on proposed revisions to the Annex IV reporting template and discussion (EP Co-Chairs)

15:30-15:45                         AOB and meeting close (EP Co-Chairs)


Tuesday 10th May 09:30-12:30 (CEST): Transport Expert Panel

Timings TBC                     Welcome (EP Co-Chairs)

                                           Developing EU policy and impacts on road vehicles (Georgios Fontaras, EU/JRC)

                                           A tool to inventory airport management emissions (Riccardo DeLauretis, ISPRA)

                                           New developments on AEIG transport chapters (Giorgos Mellios, Emisia)

                                           MILE21 Platform for emissions from transport (Nikiforos Zacharof, AUTh)

                                           2022-2023 workplan (EP Co-Chairs, all)

Tuesday 10th May 13:30-14:00 (CEST): Engaging Users and Spatial Mapping 

13:30-14:00                        Introduction to new ‘Engaging Users and Spatial Mapping’ group within the TFEIP (Jeroen Kuenen, the 


Tuesday 10th May 14:00-16:00 (CEST): Waste Expert Panel 

Timings TBC                     Introduction: A new EP is just born (EP leaders) (Céline Guéguen, Chair)

                                           Emissions from the Waste sector in the national inventories​

                                                         - Which sources are considered?

                                                         - Which contribution to national emissions?

                                                         - What about comparability and completeness?​

                                           IPCC methodology on Short Life Climate Forcers (TBC)

                                           Updates to the 2019 EMEP/EEA GB (Céline Guéguen, Chair)

                                                         - List of proposed improvements and prioritise

                                                         - Timeline / human resources needed

                                            Domestic green waste burning in France (Vincent Mazin, France)

                                            Small scale agricultural burning in Italy (Eleonora Di Cristofaro, Italy)

                                            Interactive session:

                                                          - Provide us with additional gaps identified in the GB

                                                          - Help us setting priorities

                                                          - Get involved in the GB update!

                                            AOB & close (Céline Guéguen, Chair)

Other presentation? You want to present a CS methodology?  Contact me (celine.gueguen2@gmail.com)

Wednesday 11th May 09:30-12:30 (CEST): Agriculture and Nature Expert Panel

09:30-09:40                         Introduction, agenda and etiquette (EP Co-Chairs)

09:40-09:55                         Results of the ad hoc group on categorizing livestock (Nick Hutchings, EP co-chair)

09:55-10:10                         Proposal for updating the method for NH3 emission from synthetic fertilizers (Andreas/Roland (TBC))

10:10-10:25                         The ALFAMI project (Sasha/Andreas (TBC))

10:25-10:35                         NH3 emissions from crop residues (Nick Hutchings, EP co-chair)

                                            Coffee Break

10:50-11:00                         Improving estimates of methane emission from manure management (M4Models) (Søren O Petersen)

11:00-11:10                         Update on progress in MELS, TFRN etc (Barbara Amon, EP co-chair)

11:10-11:25                         Update on the Excel NH3 and NO emission tool (Richard German, Aether)

11:25-11:45                         Update on the JRC emission tool (Manjola Banja, JRC)

11:45-12:05                         Discussion of software tools (Nick Hutchings, EP co-chair)

12:05-12:15                         Workplan (Barbara Amon, EP co-chair)

12:15-12:20                         Wrap up (EP Co-Chairs)

Wednesday 11th May 14:00-16:00 (CEST): Combustion and Industry Expert Panel

14:00-14:10                         Opening: Introduction by the chair, proposal of a new co-chair and adoption of the agenda (EP Co-Chairs)

14:10-14:30                         Methodology for estimating atmospheric emissions from residential wood heating considering technology turnover

                                            and real utilization (Alessandro Marongiu, (ARPA Lombardia, Italy))

14:30-14:50                         Updated and consistent PM emissions with condensables for the small combustion sector (Jeroen Kuenen (TNO,


14:50-15:10                         Experimental study in Italy to evaluate the real emissions of new wood biomass combustion equipment (Ernesto

                                            Taurino (ISPRA, Italy))

15:10-15:30                         Solvent guidelines (Chris Dore (Aether, UK))

15:30-15:40                         VOC per capita emission factor for domestic use of solvents (Cornelia Tietz (European Chemical Industry Council))

15:40-15:55                         Work plan 2022-2023, and priorities for future Guidebook updates (EP Co-Chairs)

15:55-16:00                         Any other business and close


Thursday 12th May 10:00-12:30 (CEST): New Science

10:00-10:05                         Grace period to join

10:05-10:25                         Uncertainty as tool to prioritize inventory improvement (Jolien Van Huijstee and Dirk Wever, the Netherlands)

10:25-10:45                         Space emissions (Kevin Hausmann, Germany)

10:45-11:15                         New evidence on Non-Road Mobile Machinery Emissions supporting UK policy development (Paul Quinn, the UK)

                                            Coffee Break

11:30-11:50                         EDGAR-HTAPv3 global emissions mosaic (Diego Guizzardi and Terry Keating, TFHTAP)

11:50-12:15                         Understanding emission changes – ongoing EEA studies (Federico Antognazza and Levente Molnar, EEA)

12:15-12:30                         Modelled vs measured NOx trends (Chris Dore, TFEIP)

Thursday 12th May 13:30-15:30 (CEST): Conclusions, Formal Decisions and Close 

13:30-13:40                         Update from the European Commission (Viviane Andre, EC)

13:40-14:30                         Preparing for the review of the Gothenburg Protocol (TFEIP Co-Chairs, Discussion)

14:30-14:45                         Inventory Awards Ceremony (Bernard Ullrich, CEIP)

                                            Coffee Break

15:00-15:30                         Feedback and Close - form ad hoc meeting to review reporting guidelines (TFEIP Co-Chairs, Mentimeter)