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Expert Panel on User Engagment

Expert Panel Contacts

Jeroen Kuenen 

TNO Built Environment and Geosciences

P.O. Box 80015

3508 TA Ultrecht

The Netherlands

Tel: +31 888662054


Expert Panel Documents

Expert Panel Meetings


2023 Meeting held in Oxford, 19th April 2023


  • Introduction and objectives (J. Kuenen, TNO) - Download

  • Guidebook chapter on spatial mapping (see above presentation)

  • Feedback from EDGAR workshop (M. Muntean, JRC) - Download

  • Reported emission data in modelling (Sabine Schindlbacher, CEIP) -Download

  • Uptake of reported data in CAMS inventories (J. Kuenen, TNO) - Download

  • AOB

2022 Meeting held virtually, 10th May 2022

  • Introduction to new ‘Engaging Users and Spatial Mapping’ group within the TFEIP (Jeroen Kuenen, the Netherlands/TNO)  - Download

  • Introduction to FAIRMODE and high-resolution emission activities (Marc Guevera) - Download

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