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Dessau 2024


We are pleased to confirm that the TFEIP 2024 Meeting will take place in Dessau, Germany during the week beginning 13th May. The meeting will be a hybrid meeting so that participants have the option to join online. 

More information including exact dates, agendas and instructions for registration will be shared soon.

Meeting papers

Updated EMEP/EEA Guidebook Chapters

Download draft copies of the updated Guidebook chapters using the links below. Any chapter updates will be discussed in the relevant expert panel sessions.



3B Manure management

3D Crop production and agricultural soils

6A Other

Combustion and Industry

1.A.1 Energy Industries

1.A.2 Manufacturing Industries and construction

1.A.3.e.i Pipeline transport

1.A.4 Small combustion

1.B.1.a Fugitive emissions from solid fuels - coal mining and handling

1.B.1.b Fugitive emissions from solid fuels - solid fuel transformation

1.B.2.a.i, 1.B.2.b Fugitive emissions: oil - exploration, production, transport; Natural gas

1.B.2.a.iv Fugitive emissions: oil - refining/storage

1.B.2.a.v Distribution of oil products

2.A.1 Cement production

2.B Chemical industry

2.C.1 Iron and steel production

2.C.3 Aluminium production

2.D.3.g Chemical products

2.H.1 Pulp and paper industry

New Annex on residential combustion

Spatial Mapping

A.7 Spatial mapping of emissions

A.7 Spatial mapping of emissions - Annex



1.A.3.a Aviation

1.A.3.a Annex 1

1.A.3.a Annex 1 release notes

1.A.3.a Aviation Master Emissions Calculator 

1.A.3a Aviation Annex 2 LTO emissions calculator

1.A.3.b.i-iv Road transport Road tyre and brake wear

1.A.3.b.i-iv Road Transport Appendix 4


5.A Solid waste disposal and mineral waste handling

5.C.1.a Municipal waste incineration

5.C.1.b Industrial waste, hazardous waste and sewage sludge incineration

5.C.1.b.iii Clinical waste incineration

5.D Wastewater handling 

5.E Other waste


Hydrogen Combustion Emission Factors

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