2017 Meeting, Krakow

The 18th joint meeting of the EIONET and UN/ECE Task Force on Emissions Inventories and Projections. The meeting was held from Wednesday 10th to Friday 12th May 2017 and was kindly hosted by the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Poland. We also thank our sponsors the Norwegian Environment Agency and the Municipality of Krakow.

Final Meeting Papers

Wednesday 10th May 2017 - Workshop on Uncertainties and QA/QC


Introduction and challenges to uncertainties and QA/QC

Verifying the German emission inventory uncertainties

Uncertainty evaluation in regional air quality management



Recent improvements to UK inventory QA/QC procedures

Stage 1 and 2 checks of AQ inventories (see Stage 1 checks at CEIP website)

What can we learn from GHG QA/QC?

Thursday 11th May - TFEIP Meeting Day 1

Reflections on 25 years of TFEIP by Chris Dore and Jozef Pacyna

Session 1: Reporting Reveiw & International Developments

Activities and developments under CLRTAP

TFEIP Contributions to EMEP Executive Body and Steering Body

Activities of the European Commission and the NECD

Aligning reviews under NECD and CLRTAP

Reporting of CLRTAP and NECD inventories 2017

EMEP EEA Guidebook updates


Session 2: Projections Expert Panel

Implementation of initial national air pollution control programmes

French national air pollution reduction plan

Netherlands' 2015 inventory and projections


Session 3: Meeting of TFEIP Expert Panels

See pages of the Expert Panels


Friday 12th May - TFEIP Meeting Day 2

Session 4: New Science

Road transport emissions - looking back at 'dieselgate'

NOx and CO2 LDV emissions part 1 and part 2

Progress in estimating PM emissions in the UK

National emissions inventory, Republic of Turkey

New POP emission factors from waste combustion and cremation

Horizon 2020: ClairCity

Filterable/condensable PM paper by TFMM

National emissions inventory, Belarus


Session 5: Eionet

Update of EEA and Eionet activities

Reporting of Member States under the new NEC Directive

New EEA online tools and data services


Session 6: Discussion Points

Technical corrections paper

Streamlining review process of CLRTAP and NECD reviews


Session 7: Minutes & Formal Decisions

Meeting conclusions (tbd)


Meeting papers:

Draft Guidebook chapter 1A4 (small combustion) updates will be discussed during the Combustion & Industry expert panel session. 

Summary of road transport Guidebook changes